Cement Concrete Testing Instruments

VICAT Needle Apparatus EI01

determines the normal consistency and setting times of cement and 'A' class limes.

VICAT Needle Apparatus

Flow Table: EI02

determines the workability of building limes

Flow Table

LE Chatelier Mould

determines the soundness by expansion method of ordinary and rapid hardening Portland cement, low heat Portland cement and class 'A' Limes

LE Chatelier Mould

LE Chatelier Water Bath : EI04

Double walled inner chamber in stainless steel outer chamber in mild steel temperature range Ambient to 100°C controlled by capillary thermostat. Accuracy ± 1°C operated on 230V A.C. Single Phase. These baths are suitable for washing Marshall specimen. Lid is made up of stainless steel with a hole for glass thermometer to penetrate.

LE Chatelier Water Bath

LE Chatelier Flask : EI05

Used for finding specific gravity of hydraulic cement.

LE Chatelier Flask

Flexure Testing Machine (Motorised)

Used for testing 40mm x 40mm x 160mm mortar specimens for flexural strength. (Rilem Cembureau Test) by single point loading.

Flexure Testing Machine (Motorised)

Mortor Mixer : EI07

Used for mixing cement pastes, mortars and pozzolana.

Mortor Mixer

Gauging Trowel : EI09

Weight approximately 210 gms.. Best quality with hard wood handle blade length 200mm.

Gauging Trowel

Vibrating Machine : EI08

Used for preparing mortar cubes for the determination of compression strength of ordinary and rapid hardened Portland cement, low heat Portland cement, Portland blast furnace cement and high alumina cements.

Vibrating Machine

Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus (Six Cell Model) : EI10

For water proofing of concrete admixture and special water proof cements are used. Water proofing of these compounds, is established by measuring permeability of standard mortar. Specimen with or without such water proofing compounds. Permeability apparatus in used to determine permeability to water of cement mortar specimens with or without water proofing compound.

Cement Mortar Permeability Apparatus (Six Cell Model)

VEE BEE Consistometer : EI11

Used for workability as well as consistency of fresh concrete. It helps the operator to find out slump values and vibration table with container and acrylic disc is used to find out workability of concrete expressed in Vee Bee degrees, which is defined as the time in seconds to complete required vibrating at which the fresh concrete flows out sufficiently to come in contract of the entire face of acrylic disc.

VEE BEE Consistometer

Slump Test Apparatus : EI12

It is used for the determination of the consistency of freshly mixed concrete, where the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm

Slump Test Apparatus

Compaction Factor Apparatus: EI13

determines the workability of fresh concrete, provided the maximum size of the aggregate does not exceed 38mm. The test is particularly useful for concrete mixes of very low workability where true slump values are not reliable.

Compaction Factor Apparatus

KELLEY Ball Penetration apparatus:EI14

The apparatus is used to determine the workability of Portland cement & concrete. The Kelly ball test is considered to be simple and much faster than the slump test. Twice the Kelly ball reading approximately equals the slump.

KELLEY Ball Penetration apparatus

Cone Penetrometer for Mortar : EI15

For determining the consistency of masonry mortar.

Cone Penetrometer for Mortar

Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorised) : EI16

Concrete mixer laboratory type, electrically operated. Designed to remove the burden- some work of hand mixing. Uniform thoroughly mixed batches can be produced. Mounted on a sturdy rubber tyred stand, and the drum is mounted for end discharge and equipped with end towing pole.

Laboratory Concrete Mixer (Motorised)

Cube Mould : EI17

These are available in different sizes and are made according to Indian and British standards . All moulds are supplied complete with base plate.

Cube Mould

Cylindrical Mould : EI18

For testing concrete cylinders for compressive strength tests.

Cylindrical Mould

Beam Mould : EI19

For casting, concrete specimen for flexure tests. Each mould is supplied complete with base plate.

Beam Mould

Curing Tank : EI20

The tank has been designed to accommodate 150mm/70.6mm cube moulds upto 36/72 cube mould and fully insulated, complete with a hinged lid, heater, thermostat and re-circulated pump. Provision of two removable racks allowing free circulation of water around each mould. The pump, drain valves and electrical equipment are housed in a compartment located at one end of the tank. The Tank is heated by a immersion heater under normal conditions and refrigeration system for grey cement the temperature is controlled at 35oC or 100oC ± 2oC / 27oC +2oC , expect for the 15 minutes after immersion of the freshly made specimens.

Curing Tank

Vibrating Table : EI21

It is designed to carry a load of 140 kg .

Vibrating Table

Density of Fresh and Hardened Concrete

EI 22- Hardened concrete density is determined either by simple dimensional checks, followed by weighing and calculation or by weight in air / water buoyancy methods.

Density of Fresh and Hardened Concrete

Permeability Apparatus (Single Cell Model)

One of the durability test of concrete is to determine permeability of water through specimen. Permeability apparatus is used for determining the permeability of cement mortar and concrete specimens of 15cm cubes cast in the laboratory.

Permeability Apparatus (Single Cell Model)

Air Entrainment Meter :EI 25

As entrainment of air in limited percentage improves durability of concrete and very low percentages deteriorate it ,measurement of air entrapped in freshly mixed concrete becomes important. The use of chemical additives to increase work ability of concrete in turn requires an air content check to be made. Air entrainment meters are used to determine air entrained in freshly mixed concrete by pressure method.

Air Entrainment Meter