Clean Room Project

SGM is always here to serve you with a professional approach that makes your things simpler with all its years of experience in clean room construction and also installs a fully insulated cold store or pharmaceutical clean room. We provide clients with customized cleanroom and HVAC solutions that not only meet but also exceed their expectations. We are well reputed for our superior service and on-schedule delivery. We design, supply and install complete clean room sandwich panels for Pharmaceutical and Electronic facilities.

We are involved in every aspect of cleanroom technologies, including the conception, designing, engineering, planning, execution and the servicing of cleanrooms.

Our wall systems interface smoothly with floors, ceilings, and mechanical components to provide an ultra-clean environment with effective control of Airflow, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, and Filtration.

We provide Cleanrooms Class 1 00 000 to Class 10 the all in one turnkey projects for various application.

SGM offers full clean room validation testing to ISO 14644 and Federal Standard 209E requirements. From a laminar flow module to multi-scale HEPA filter installation SGM provides validation documentation to international standards.

1.Metal Construction
2.Enegy Efficient
3.Easy to Maintain
4.Full-Ceiling HEPA Filter
5.Unidirectional Air Flow
6.Rapid Installation
7.Leak-Free Ceiling
8.Versatile Design

From concept to commissioning ...we are the Cleanroom Experts you can trust!

SGM provides Applications of Clean Room in following industry:

1. Pharmaceutical Industry:

Clean room technology has become essential for the global market players in pharmaceutical industry. SGM goes beyond providing robust clear rooms with energy wise operating systems. We are capable of designing, supply of equipment, accessories in relate to the HVAC and environments, installation at site, commission, testing and providing the necessary certification and validation documents in order to meet various regulatory requirements.

2. Electronic Industry:

Static Electricity free modular panel environment coupled with controlled temperature and humidity make the successful product in the electronic industry.

Our clean rooms are equipped with concise technology such as scanners, high-speed fans and air ducts. These rooms are constructed of sealed materials to prevent migration of contaminants including volatiles from adhesives and particulate matter. The rooms have high-end filtration systems. They are equipped with air management equipment for creating positive air pressure inside the chamber.