A Hollow Cathode Lamp is a light source primarily used for scientific purposes. These lamps don’t really exist outside of laboratory settings, meaning most people will have never seen one. Most of the time, a hollow cathode lamp is used as a method of tuning in specific light frequencies. These frequencies are used to examine the composition of materials and tune in light-based systems, such as lasers. Depending on the materials used in their construction, the gasses pumped into them and exterior influences, a hollow cathode lamp can shine in nearly any color of the spectrum.

Product Types ;

We are able to supply more than 60 different hollow cathode lamps of both 37mm (1.5") and 50mm (2") diameter, 0 variety Deuterium lamps and High Intensity Hollow Cathode Lamps for use with most available spectrometers. Hollow Cathode Lamps

  • High Intensity HCl50mm (2")
  • HCl50mm (2")
  • High Intensity HCI 37mm (l .5')
  • HCl3Tmm (1.5 )
  • Deuterium Lamp (Background Correction

Product Specifications

Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

  • Store Voltage: d350V
  • Background: The background strength neon the main analysis line is lower than 1% of the analysis
  • Strength: Time for worm-up: <30min, usuolly from 5-l5min
  • Stability: Baseline drift of copper lamp within 3Omin < l%, baseline drift of lamps of other elements within 5 min < l%
  • Noise: < 0.3%
  • Service life: Lamps with common elements e5O00mA. H, lamps with fusible and volatile elements e3000mA. H
  • Maximum working current: From l0-20Mo


  • High Intensity: Our lamps ore specially designed to emit high intensity at the recommended operating current, resulting in low S/N ratio.
  • Low Operating Current: Our lamps may be operated at only half the instrument manufacturer's recommended current for sufficient intensity, resulting in long lifetime of the lamps.
  • Design: Our lamps ore specially designed to meet or exceed requirements for various types of AAS. and to provide low detection limits for your most difficult analysis. We also manufacture Argon and/or Neon gas-filled lamps.
  • Equality Control: We utilizes Total Quality Control (TQC) to monitor, controlled inspect every single step of the hollow cathode lamp manufacturing process. The materials ore carefully selected in our manufacturing to ovoid spectral interference from the fill goes or impurities in the cathode material .
  • Wide Selection: Single-element & multi-element lamps.

HOLLOW Cathode Lamp can be used in Atomic Absorption Spectrometers Manufactured by :

HOLLOW Cathode Lamp can be used in Atomic Absorption Spectrometers

  • Perkin-Elmer, coded and uncoded Varian
  • Agilent
  • Thermo
  • Hitochi
  • Shimadzu
  • Thermol Jorrel Ash lL
  • Unicom LEEMAN Lobs PhilliPs

Hollow Cathode Lamps for AAS.

Code Description Price [INR]  
HCL-1 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Magnesium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-2 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Pottasium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-3 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Selenium 17000 ORDER NOW
HCL-4 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Gold 23995 ORDER NOW
HCL-5 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Calium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-6 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Sodium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-7 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Barium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-8 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Lead 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-19 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Cadmium 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-10 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Nickel 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-11 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Silver 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-12 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Chromium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-13 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Zinc 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-14 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Iron 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-15 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Aliminium 13995 ORDER NOW
HCL-16 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Manganese 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-17 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Boron 17000 ORDER NOW
HCL-18 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Arsenic 17000 ORDER NOW
HCL-19 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Antimony 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-20 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Mercury 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-21 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Titanium 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-22 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Beryllium 26995 ORDER NOW
HCL-23 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Tin 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-24 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Molybdenum 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-25 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Cobalt 15500 ORDER NOW
HCL-26 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Palladium 26995 ORDER NOW
HCL-27 Hollow Cathode Lamp - Copper 13995 ORDER NOW

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