Magnetic Stirrers(Heavy Duty Permanent Magnet & Body of S.S)

Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate is available as well as magnetic stirrer from brands like Remi & Ika are also available.

The stainless steel top housing series of magnetic stirrers are most compact models. The motor gives high torque even at lower speeds and maintains speed stability despite viscosity or volume changes. Accurate steeples speed control allows smooth variation up to 1200 rpm. Stirring is accomplished by a small Teflon coated magnetic paddle to be placed in the container.It has a compact stirring device utilizing a rotating magnetic field (created by a PERMANENT MAGNET) which induces variable speed stirring action. Stirring is accomplished by means of small Teflon rotor, which when placed in the liquid to be stirred is capable of rotation by magnetic field applied from below the container. The unit is fitted with pilot lamp. To work on 220/230 Volts A.C. Capacity : 2 liters Capacity: 5 litres Capacity: 10 litres


1. Cost Effective solution for complete range of sterile liquid products.

2. Its a unique impeller design enables effective mixing right down to the last drop.

3. Magnetically powered drive, no seals, no shafts, thereby eliminating possibility of contamination.

4. Low Power Consumption compared to conventional agitation systems.

5. Ability to mix till the last drop.

6. Low Shear Forces (less damage to product).

7. The magnetic mixer range offers unparalleled hygiene due to its impeller design. Because there are no entrapment areas, the magnetic mixer can be completely drained of product and cleaning solutions.


Temperature from 5°C to 50°C + 1°C is Controlled by micro processor based INDICATOR -cum-CONTROLLER.


1. Pharmaceuticals.

2. Sterile Solutions.

3. Vial.

4. Ampoules.

5. I. V. Fluids.

6. Aerosols.

7. LVP & SVP Solutions.


1. Vaccines.

2. Human Insulin.

3. Serums.

4. Plasma Fractions.

5. Bacteria and cell cultures.