Serological Water Bath

Serological Water Bath Manufacturer

SGM serological water baths are widely used for day to day bacteriological and varied laboratory applications requiring incubation as well as general tests and procedures in variety of researches and testing laboratories including Wassermann, Kilmer tests. There are various salient features has been added to this product such as its Ergonomic Designs and Calibration and Protocol Documentation. SGM's product is very useful for versatile usage and thus provides more and long life to this instrument. Its unique features include higher energy efficient and very low on maintain maintenance.


These units are double walled with inner chamber made up S.S. sheet and outside of M.S. duly enamel painted. The gap between the walls is filled with special grenade glass wool in order to avoid thermal losses. A drain plug is also fitted to the unit. The inner chamber fitted with immersion type heating element is covered with perforated removable diffuser tray. The cover is provided with the unit as standard accessory. Temperature from ambient to 100° C is CONTROLLED BY Microprocessor PID Digital Temp. Indicator-cum –Controller with an accuracy of + 0.1 °C Supplied complete with 220/230 volts A.C. supply

Salient features

1. Versatile usage.

2. Ergonomics Design.

3. Energy Efficient.

4. Long Life.

5. Low Maintenance.

6. Calibration And Protocol documentation.

300 x 175 x 175mm(Suitable for 1 racks)12 Ltr
300 x 250 x 175mm(Suitable for 2 racks)14 Ltr
300 x 300 x 175mm(Suitable for 4 racks)18 Ltr
455 x 300 x 175mm(Suitable for 6 racks)25 Ltr
605 x 300 x 175mm(Suitable for 8 racks)32 ltr