Soil Testing Instruments

Plastic Limit Test:EI 47

Moisture contents at which soil has smallest plasticity is called limit. For determination purpose plastic limit is defined as the water content at which a soil will just begin to crumble when rolled in to a thread of 3mm dia.

Plastic Limit Test

Shrinkage Limit Set: EI 48

Shrinkage limit is the maximum water content at which a reduction in water content does not cause an appreciable reduction in volume of the Soil Mass. At shrinkage limit, on further reduction in water, air enters in to the voids of soils and thus keeps the volume constant. The apparatus can be used to determine shrinkage limit and to calculate other shrinkage ratio, shrinkage index and volumetric shrinkage.

Shrinkage Limit Set

Linear Shrinkage Mould : EI 49

- A simple mould which is filled with the soil under test. This is then dried and the resulting decrease os length of the specimen measured is expressed as the linear shrinkage.

Linear Shrinkage Mould

Soil Cone Penetrometer: EI 50

For determining the liquid limit of soils. This is especially useful to obtain reliable and accurate results of those soils which have low plasticity index.

Soil Cone Penetrometer

Liquid Limit Device : EI 51

Casagrande method in mechanical form is known as liquid limit method and has been in use for soil mechanics for a number of decades. The liquid limit data of soils is useful to correlate mechanical properties of soil, such as compressibility and lower shear strength.

Liquid Limit Device

High Speed Stirrer: EI 53

This is for mechanical analysis and also other laboratory applications for stirring Speed approximately 4000 R.P.M.

High Speed Stirrer

Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method): EI 54

This is for the determination of the sub sieve particle distribution in a soil sample by mechanical analysis. An analysis of this kind expresses quantity the proportions by weight of the various sizes of particles present in the soil.

Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method)

Soil Hydrometer : EI56

Used for grain size analysis of soils where more than 10% of the material will pass through 75 microns B.S. sieve.

Soil Hydrometer

Sand Equivalent Test Set : EI 57

Used to determine the relevant proportions of clay-like or Plastic fines and dust in granular soils.

Sand Equivalent Test Set