Employee Training and Development is essential to the ongoing success of every organization. Although technology and the internet have enabled global collaboration and competition, people are the organization’s competitive advantage. Employee training and development enables employees to develop skills and competencies necessary to enhance bottom-line results for their organization. You will receive full training and the opportunity to undergo recognised qualifications in recruitment practice of our lab equipments. Our experience and insight can shorten your development cycle and free you to focus on other areas.

Trainers, be they national or international, can select and customize the available materials in order to design and set up workshops that fit the local training needs of their target audiences. Conferences, seminars, workshops, and teleconferences are also utilized for providing such training. We also prefer onsite management training, often customized to meet their specific needs and goals. These training opportunities, offered one-on-one or in small groups, help develop leadership and communication skills among their scientists and improve performance by increasing awareness and acceptance for implementing necessary changes.

For manufacturing requirements we provide complete project management including design, construction, support, and installation. Our hard wall clean room system combines the need for a flexible solution with the request for durability and flush surfaces.

We work with your leadership team to identify training needs, and to design, develop, implement, and evaluate employee training and development programs to meet your company’s strategic objectives.

1. SGM’s employees have been trained in Good Documentation Practice.

2. To guarantee our client a product that is in compliance with international and national standards.

3. We arrange training courses on clean room testing and validation, just as our employees are speakers at national and international platforms.