Willy Mill

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Recommended for grinding of dry plant samples. Also for a great variety of commercial dry materials. Unit having two stationary steel blades and Rotary with steel edges provided in the cast Iron chamber.A removable safety Glass sheet plate from the face of chamber of permit observation during operation. Willey Mill is fitted on substantial Cast iron base. Complete unit supplied with aluminum / Cast chamber, polished hopper with cover, wooden plunger, Three delivery tubes mounted with sieves cloth mesh no; 20, 40, and 60mesh , One Allen Key for adjusting blades and 3 Glass Jars, brush etc. Electrically operated to work on 220 Volts A.C

40 mm x 20 mm1/4 H.P
65 mm x 25 mm1/4 H.P
100 mm x 50 mm1/2 H.P

Willy Mill 'Heavy Duty' With 1 H.P. Electric Motor to Work on 220 Volt A.C.

Heavy Duty Willey Mill is mounted on a complete enclosed Iron Frame. The base contains with 1 H.P. Electric Motor, Single Phase to work on 220/230 Volts A/C. Four Steel Knives bolted to a rotor to work against SIX KNIVES BOLTED WITH GRIDING CHAMBER. Hinged door facilitates cleaning by affording easy access to grinding chamber which 200 mm dia x 75 mm deep. Feeding rate is controlled by a sliding shutter at the lower end of hopper. The Sieves are of Brass-Sheet mounted on aluminum frames so that samples cannot enter receiver without passing through the screen. A Standard Willey Mill is supplied with 3 Sieves with holes of COMPLETE WITH FLOOR STAND. A set of 3 Brass Sieve No;20 , 40 , & 60 mesh .Complete unit supplied with Heavy duty floor covered with Iron sheet.


1. Pharmaceutical.

2. Cotton Seeds.

3. Leather.

4. Wheat Industries.