Digital Automatic Concrete Test Hammer

Rebound Hammer

Rebound hammer test is done to find out the compressive strength of concrete by using rebound hammer.The rebound of an elastic mass depends on the hardness of the surface against which its mass strikes. When the plunger of the rebound hammer is pressed against the surface of the concrete, the pring-controlled mass rebounds and the extent of such a rebound depends upon the surface hardness of the concrete. The rebound value is read from a graduated scale and is designated as the rebound number or rebound index. The compressive strength can be read directly from the graph provided on the body of the hammer.

Digi-schmidt 2000 concrete test hammer


The following standards can be applied to the Schmidt Hammer:

1. ISO DIS 8045

2. EN 12 504-2

3. ENV 206

4. BS 1881, part 202

5. ASTM C 805

6. ASTM D 5873 (rock)

7. DIN 1048 Part 2

8. B-15.225

9. NF P 18-417

10. ( J6J / T23-2001, JJG 817-1993, both China )

Technical Data

Schmidt Hammer
Type ND
Schmidt Hammer
Type LD
Schmidt Hammer
Impact energy 2.207 Nm 0.735 Nm
Measuring range 10 - 70 N/mm2 18 - 70 N/mm2
Concrete compressive strength 1'450 - 10'152 psi 2'610 - 10'152 psi
Display Unit
Display graphic LCD-Display 128 x 128 pixel
Internal data storage non-volatile memory, 250 measurement series of 10 measurements each
Communication RS 232 or with adapter to USB
PC application ProVista
Battery type six LR6 (AA) batteries, 1.5 V for 60 h operation
Operating temperature 0 °C to +60 °C
Storage temperature -10 °C to +60 °C

Digital Concrete Test Hammer


Model HT-225D HT-75D HT-20D
Display OLED Digital
Measuring Range
10-70N/mm2 1-25N/mm2
Accuracy ±0.1R
Impact energy 0.255kgm(2.207Nm)
for testing ordinary building and bridge construction
for testing small and impact-sensitive parts of concrete artificial brick
for testing mortar or clay of products
Communication USB2.0 or Bluetooth (optional)
Storage data for 4000 concrete structures
Operating Temperature 40°~60°C
Power Supply 3.7 Li-ion rechargable battery charged via USB port
Dimension 280x75x60mm
Weight 1kg

Proceq Silver Schmidt Concrete Test Hammer

Technical Specifications

Mechanical data Type ST N / PC N
concrete test hammer
Type ST L / PC L
concrete test hammer
Impact energy 2.207 Nm 0.735 Nm
Hammer mass 135g 135g
Spring constant 0.79 N/mm 0.26 N/mm
Spring extension 75 mm (2.95”) 75 mm (2.95”)
Housing dimensions 55 x 55 x 255 mm (2.16” x 2.16” x 9.84”)
Weight 570 g (1.3 lb)
PC application
Only for the concrete test hammer SilverSchmidt versions PC N and PC L: Hammerlink Software
Electrical data
Display 17 x 71 pixels; graphic / alphanumeric
Power consumption ~13 mA measuring, ~4 mA setup and review, ~0.02 mA idle
Battery life >5000 impacts (before recharging)
Charger connection USB type B (5V, 100 mA)
Measuring ranges
Concrete compressive strength 10-100 N/mm2 (1450-14500 psi)
Operating temperature 0 to 50 °C (32 to 122 °F)
Battery life >5000 impacts (before recharging)
Storage temperature -10 to 70 °C (14 to 158 °F)