High Precision Water Bath

High Precision Scientific Water Bath Manufacturer/Supplier

SGM's high precision water bath are widely used for day to day bacteriological and varied laboratory applications requiring incubation and general tests and procedures in variety of testing and research laboratories. They are also used in tissue culture application, enzyme reaction studies and fermentation analysis.


Double walled chamber has inner made up of thick S.S. and outer PCRC sheet duly enamel painted. a glass window is provided on the front side for an easy inside view. A high speed stirrer with a motor of 1/20HP is fitted to the unit for continuous stirring and thus maintaining a uniform temperature throughout. A speed regulator is provided on the front panel to control speed of the stirrer the heating mechanism comprises of set of heaters a sensitivity of + 0.1° C + 1 Digit from ambient to 100° C. To work on 220 / 230 volts A.C. Supply


1. Water Bath High Precision Ideal for Biotechnology, Clinical, Environmental, Medical, Petroleum, Pharmaceutical or Industrial Applications.

2. Offers highest level of performance, flexibility and control for most demanding applications.

3. Microprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum-Controller maintains maximum temperature accuracy.

4. User's Self-compensation function to control difference between real temperature and indicated temperature.

5. Stainless Steel Bath for superior Durability & High Thermal efficiency.

Salient Features

1. Versatile Usage.

2. Ergonoimc Design.

3. Energy Efficient.

4. Long life.

5. Low maintenance.

6. Calibration and protocol documentation.

Chamber Size in mm chamber Size in Inches.

425 x 250 x 225mm ( 17"x 10"x 9")
450 x 375 x 375mm( 18"x 15"x 15")
600 x 450 x 450mm ( 24"x 18"x 18")